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"EcoData: Radiation" is an iOS app that displays radioactivity levels of various monitoring stations from all over the world in near real time. Radiation data is currently available from more than 2800 monitoring stations located in 22 countries, among them Germany, Slovenia, USA, Japan, China, Ireland, Australia, France, Finland and Hungary. The app features three ways to access data of the monitoring stations of interest:

Select station on a map:
All available monitoring stations are displayed on a map. Data can be accessed by selecting the corresponding pin on the map.

Browse station lists:
All stations are sorted by country and by regions within the countries.

Select a station around you:
Depending on your current position, you can select from a list containing your nearest stations. Your current position is either determined automatically by your mobile device or - in case you disabled the use of the auto positioning option in your settings - it can be defined manually.

Create and manage your own list:
Store monitoring stations you want to keep track of in a favorite list. Add stations as you browse through the station lists or explore the stations in your vicinity.

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"EcoData: Radiation" is now available for iPhone 4G, iPod 4G and iPad (iOS 4.2.x required). Visit the AppStore to download the app or learn more...

Available now:
New version of "Radiation" (v1.4.1):
  • Live data from Ireland
  • Live data from the U.S.
  • Live data from Hungary
  • InApp shop
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Search for stations
Available now:
New app "Radiation DE" featuring data from the German ODL network operated by the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS)

Try before you buy:
Get your free copy of "Radiation Lite" now!

Lite or full? See the feature overview to check out the differences between the full and the lite app version.

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