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This is the right place if you have purchased our app recently and have questions on using it, if you want to get further information of special program functions or an overview of the features planned for the next update.

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We are happy to get your feedback on the app as well as on the website, answer your questions or get your support requests. You are also welcome to bring forward your feature requests and tell us what you would like to see in future versions of our app.

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FAQs and Known Issues

Question: Which iOS version do I need to run "EcoData: Radiation"?
Answer: "EcoData: Radiation" requires iOS 4.2.x or higher.

Problem: After the first program start, current radiation data may not be downloaded properly. In such a case, a "Download failed" error message appears.
Workaround for users of version 1.3 or earlier: Open a German monitoring station, load the station graph, return to the map view and try to refresh the data again. This procedure should work in most cases. The better solution is to update to version 1.3.1, which contains a fix for this issue.
Feature Comparison lite lite
Search and select monitoring stations from a map check check
Search and select monitoring stations by country and region check check
Search and select monitoring stations around you check check
Set current user position automatically check check
Set user position manually check check
Limit search radius for stations around you check check
Station summary check check
Background information about radiation check check
German and English menu and navigation items check check
Different map styles (map/satellite/hybrid) check check
Near real time radiation data check check
Customized radiation graphs (InApp purchase) check check
Radiation map including basic statistics (InApp purchase) check check
Map view showing latest radiation data check check
Color-coding for easy data interpretation check check
InApp shop check check
Station search - check
Ad-free - check
Full-featured favorite list - check
Frequent app updates - check
Data updates per day 2 4
Number of monitoring stations ~200 2800+

Further limitation of lite version:
Different stations are loaded upon each program start.

List of Radiation Monitoring Networks
"EcoData: Radiation" displays radiation monitoring data from the following network providers:

Radiation Levels
On Map Via Weblink
Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz
check check
Institute for Information Design Japan
check -
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization
check check
Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire, See notice below!
check -
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland
check check
Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
check check
Los Alamos National Laboratory (NEWNET)
check check
Desert Research Institute, Nevada System of Higher Education
check check
Environmental Protection Agency
- check
Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong
- check
Taiwan Radiation Monitoring Center, Taiwan
check check
Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland
check check
National Directorate General for Disaster Management
check check

Do you want to see data from a network not listed here? Contact us and let us know!

Important notice:
The French authorities have not been updating their radiation monitoring data since 12/09/2011. The website, where this information has been made available for the public in the past does not exist any more. The French provider is planning to resume the service in 2012. Nevertheless, we are working to get access to alternative radiation data for France and their overseas territories.

iPod/iPhone Screenshots (v1.4.1)
scintillation alpha particle alpha particle radiation level radiation level radiation japan
iPad Screenshots (v1.4.1)
alpha particle alpha particle alpha particle alpha particle
What's Next: Product Roadmap
We are currently working on the following product enhancements:
  • Enlarge data base (more monitoring networks, more countries)
  • Add methods to set your position manually
  • App-internal product documentation
  • More background information on radiation
  • Multi-language support
Do you have feature requests not listed here? Contact us and let us know!
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